Nuestra práctica limitada a las arias de Lesiones Personales (incluyendo accidente de automóvil) y Quiebra (comúnmente referido como Bancarrota). La bancarrota no es sólo una de nuestras áreas de práctica, bancarrota constituye nuestra práctica entera

Traducción de ingle a español arriba

Nuestro sitio del web fue recién rediseñado para poder incluir mucha más información de lo que incluía antes. Para el beneficio de nuestros clientes hispano, estamos en el proceso de trasladar nuestro sitio de ingle a español. La traslación ha español de algunas páginas queda pendiente, pero será cumplida en el futuro cercano. Mientras, hemos incluido una reproducción de nuestra información en ingles para la conveniencia de nuestros clientes bilingüe. En el futuro, nuestros sitios en ingle y en español serán mantenido corriente al mismo tiempo. Gracias por su paciencia.

Nuestra Practica

Practice Areas arriba

Our Practice is Limited to the areas of Personal Injury (including auto accidents) and Bankruptcy. Focusing our practice into these areas has allowed us to provide you with a more competent representation than we could otherwise.

Experience arriba

Though our Practice is Limited to the areas of Personal Injury (including auto accidents) and Bankruptcy, you may rest assured knowing that our past experiences and varied affiliations have helped us more competently identify and deal with many ancilary issues that you may or will affect you, including; varied family law issues, divorce, child support, real estate, criminal law, wills and probate, as well as a few other areas of law.

Relief arriba

Because our Practice is Limited to the areas of Personal Injury (including auto accidents) and Bankruptcy, you will find that we have successfully organized what amounts to very tedious and time consuming work into an efficient sequence of events designed not only to prepare and develop your case, but to also focus on what will be needed at a later time.

Our goal is to relieve as much stress from the lives of our clients as is possible. Over the years, we have established procedures for managing the voluminous information needed to properly prepare and develop your case so as to avoid surprises along the way. This allows you to get relief, by letting us take care of what we do every day.

Bilingual arriba

As an added benefit to all of our clients, attorney and most support personnel at our firm are fully bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. Te tratamos en español.

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