Amplio estacionamiento disponible en todo el centro de Tampa FL. Tenemos parquímetro alado de la calle, lote de parqueo, garaje, y servicio de valet

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Ample parking is available throughout the downtown Tampa FL area, whether you prefer street-side metered parking, open city parking lot, covered parking garage, or even in-building valet parking. For additional detail regarding each of the available parking options please refer to the paragraphs below. Regardless of your choice, you can rest assured that our surrounding area is safe, well lit, and is visited by thousands of people on foot, in cars, or on buses every day.

City Hall Parking Lot arriba

City Hall Lot, also known as the Jackson Street Lot, just one (1) city block east of our building, is located at 420 E Jackson Street and is between E Kennedy Blvd on the north side and E Jackson St on the south. From our building simply travel east on Jackson Street. Parking at this lot will cost 1.60 per hour. This lot is open M-F until 6:00 PM and payment may be made by cash or credit card.

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Street-side Metered Parking arriba

Street-side metered parking is conveniently located throughout the business district; you will find many metered parking spaces right on Kennedy Blvd, as well as throughout the surrounding area. To avoid a $25 city parking ticket, please come prepared as these meters will only accept quarters. The cost for metered parking is 1.50 per hour; therefore, six (6) quarters will suffice to park for one (1) hour and you will need twelve (12) quarters to park for the maximum period of two (2) hours. These meters are enforced 24/7 (day, night, weekdays, and weekends).

Parking Garage arriba

Fort Brooke parking garage, just two (2) city blocks south-east of our building, is located at 107 N Franklin Street. From our building you should travel south on Tampa Street and make a left on E Whiting Street. They charge 1.60 per hour; therefore a one (1) hour stay will cost $1.60 while a two (2) hour stay will cost $3.20. This garage is open 24/7 and payment may be made by cash or credit card.

In-building Valet Parking arriba

Valet Parking provides is located on the west side of our building and is accessible from Tampa Street. They charge 3.25 per hour; therefore a one (1) hour stay will cost $3.25 while a two (2) hour stay will cost $6.50. This service is available M-F until 6:00 PM and payment may be made by cash only.

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